Distance Online Learning


Baytul-Qur’aan Academy is a leading and pace-setting organisation instituted for learning the Qur’aan and advancing the causes of the Qur’aan. Its goal is to ensure that all Muslims, regardless of age and location, are able to learn the Qur’aan effectively without any barriers or limitations and within the shortest possible time. We want to see all Muslims being able to read the Qur’aan as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad without any form of corruption or bastardisation to its original wordings and letters as commonly experienced in many contemporary societies.

To further advance the learning of Qur’aan, the Academy further runs an Arabic Studies division.

The Academy boasts of experienced managers and qualified teachers who are learned and skilled in both the Qur’aan and Arabic Studies as well as Islamic studies.

  • Excellently teaching the Qur’aan and Ahkaamut-Tajweed
  • Delivery on promises
    Learning aiding environment
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Inculcation of Islaamic values based on the Qur’aan and Sunnah