• Click on the Register link Here and you will be asked to pay a compulsory non-refundable application fee of N5,000 (Five thousand Nigerian Naira) or $10 (Ten US Dollars) for international students.
  • Then proceed to register using the link….
  • Once your payment is confirmed, you will be invited for a virtual interview within 48 hours to assess your level and provide you some orientation about the programme.
  • Once process 3 above is completed and you have satisfied all requirements, you will be invited for a second interview within 48hours when a teacher or teachers will be assigned and introduced to you depending on your level and schedules chosen.
  • Then, if your level requires materials, you will receive an email of the relevant materials as well as the terms and conditions of the programme. You will also receive your login details to your studentship profile.
  • Once these process are completed, your classes start immediately.


  • Each class holds for 40 minutes and it’s a student to a teacher for the Qur’aan class while the tajweed class has multiple students at a time.
  • A session (40 minutes) for both the Qur’aan and tajweed class costs N2,000 (Two thousand Nigerian Naira) or $4 (four US Dollars) for international students.
  • There is no limit to the number of classes that a student can take or subscribe to, however, this must be based on agreed schedules. Modification to regular schedules (apart from temporarily rescheduled classes) will not take effect until after 72 hours.
  • The programme is pre-paid based on subscription. It is the responsibility of the student or guardian to regularly check the student’s profile and be sure that there is still enough credit to cover classes. Once a student exhausts the number of classes paid for, such student will not receive a link for the next class.