1. Qur’aan Class: This comprises of five levels. The time to spend depends on the schedules selected by each student. There are classes throughout the day and all days of the week regardless of time zones.
  • LEVEL 1: Introduction to alphabets
  • LEVEL 2: Qooidah and spelling
  • LEVEL 3: Introduction to practical Qur’aan
  • LEVEL 4: Continuous Tilaawah
  • LEVEL 5: Continuous Hifdh
  1. Tajweed Class: This comprises of two stages with the condition that the student who can enrol for this class must have been in at least level 4 of the Qur’aan class.
  • STAGE 1: Basic Tajweed (covering common musaabaqah questions and issue areas)
  • STAGE 2: Advanced Theories of Tajweed