Since its establishment in 2018, Baytul-Qur’aan have demonstrated character, consistency and trustworthiness, producing dozens of Qur’aan literates and huffaadh who meet up international standards in their Qur’aan recitation and memorisation. We have won series of Qur’aan competition including ones hosted by Ansaarud-Deen, Ilasamaja; Eko for Qur’an group, Lagos Island; Diamond Mosque, Ayobo; among others.

Recently, in 2022, during hadhaaqotul-Qur’aan organised by the Madrasah, one popular Facebook figure who is reputed for promoting the Qur’aan through creative competitions, “qaribasmad”, visited without prior notice and tested some of our students and one of our teachers. The video was posted on his Facebook page (qaribasmad) and as at December 2022 has so far been watched over 100,000 times with over 1,500 shares and more than 11,000 reactions. The over 600 comments under it are testimonies to how much we are able to achieve in a short time. Watch the interview here: https://fb.watch/eDYQfmJjbz/